Patient Participation Group Surveys (PPG)

The Patient Participation Group creates a communication link between the practice and its patients providing a forum for constructive discussion in areas such as health promotion and education, improvement of services and other topics determined by the needs of the community. Silverfox provides a full holistic service and advice on all aspects of conducting, collating, branding and interpreting PPG surveys.

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Clinical Databases

A clinical database is at the heart of every GP surgery offering simple and flexible management of patient data. Reduced hardware costs, remote access, automated backups and IT support make choosing the right platform essential. Silverfox offer advice on extending the functions of your database using 3rd party enhancements including SMS integration, DocMan (Letter Management System) & Digital Patient Display Boards.

Monthly Newsletters & Social Media

The power of social media coupled with eMarketing provides a solid base of engagement with very lucrative opportunities and helps engage and empower patients by keeping the, up to date with the latest developments within the practice. Income streams can be enhanced through the sponsoring of monthly email campaigns and web site advertising.